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Ai Services – the Digital Dimension

Date Posted: 7th December 2017

Increasing numbers of farmers are now regularly visiting the Ai Services (Northern Ireland)  Ltd web site as they seek to identify how best to develop their respective dairy and beef breeding programmes.

“The site has been recently updated and can be easily accessed by computer in the home, the farm office and on the smart phones which so many people now own,” confirmed the company’s breeding services’ manager Ivan Minford.

“The site contains all the details of the current dairy and beef sire catalogues as well as the latest news from the company.

“The reality is that printed catalogues can often get lost, whereas the digital version of the various publications that we produce can be accessed on-line immediately.

“Using the on-line option to assess breeding information also means that farmers can contact Ai Services in real time, courtesy of the e mail facility that is built into the design of the site.”  

Ivan continued:

“The Sire Selection programme, which now features on the site, is proving exceptionally popular with local dairy farmers, as they seek to identify those bulls which best meet the specific breeding needs of their cows.

In addition to semen sales, Ai Services provides a range of other services to farmers in Northern Ireland. These include: DIY courses; embryo transfer, liquid nitrogen re-filling, a combined stud facility & semen laboratory testing laboratory plus an AI technician service and heat detection system.

Full details regarding the availability of these services are referenced on the site.

Meanwhile Ai Services will have a major presence at this year’s Royal Ulster Winter Fair. Full details on the sire line-up contained within the company’s 2108 Dairy Sire Catalogue will be available. The listing contains a number of new bulls, two of which are worthy of mention.

Wilder Born P ET is regarded as one of the most complete sires available with a current PLI of £705. The bull is rated at +61 kilos for combined fat and protein with double digit component percentages.

“Born P will improve teat length and is recommended for robotic milking schemes,” said Ivan.

“He is also the No. 1 polled PLI sire. Semen form the bull is already in great demand.”

Flevo Genetics Whatsapp ET is another bull in strong demand here in Northern Ireland. He offers a ‘No Holes’ linear proof, combining type, production, and health traits all in the one package.

“He is a very easy calving bull and is suitable for use on maiden heifers,” said Ivan.

“In addition, he offers extremely high daughter fertility.”

Ai Services will be located on Stand Number EK 79 at the Winter Fair. All visitors will be made more than welcome on the day.   

For further information, telephone (028) 90833123. To view the new Dairy Sires’ catalogue on-line please click on the link below.