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Why do Sexed Semen and Conventional Semen need to be handled differently?

by Brian Kennedy MVB, DBR, MRCVS, FrAgs, Company Veterinarian

Thank you to our customer for raising this question!

Precise handling of sexed semen can maximise its conception rates.  Changes made to the structure of sexed semen during its production make its handling more delicate than conventional semen.

The steps required to separate male and female generating sperm include:-

  1. Absention of fluorescent dye by the DNA of each individual sperm
  2. Targeting of each sperm with an ultra-violet laser
  3. A specific electrical charge applied to each sperm while travelling at speed between highly polarised plates

As a consequence the sperm are affected/ changed and have to be frozen in a different way to conventional semen.

The requirement to handle semen differently mitigates against the impact of the process and specific changes in sperm performance as a consequence of the semen sexing process.