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Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is the collection of ‘flushing’ of embryos from donor animals with the subsequent transfer of embryos into recipient surrogate mothers or frozen for transfer at a later date.

The measure of any Cattle Embryo Transfer Service is how successful it is in putting calves on the ground. In these terms Ai Services have a proven record with the company offering a successful Embryo Transfer services for over 20 years. It provides the flexibility and convenience required at a price that is realistic.

Embryo Transfer provides many benefits and advantages;

  • Benefits all herd owners; Beef, Dairy, pedigree and commercial
  • Maximises on breeding by ensuring continuity of the best bloodlines in the herd.
  • Gives access to superior genetics. Enables importation of embryos and avoids cost of the movement of live animals.
  • Accelerates genetic gain by producing up to 20 progeny per year from each of your best cows
  • Increases capital return by making available animals of genetic merit for sale.
  • Can be of benefit to a problem breeder. An outstanding cow with a poor breeding history may yield embryos when flushed.

Please find attached information on superovulation, donor cows, recipients and typical programmes.

For further information contact David Mc Call on (07778) 805357 or Brian Kennedy on (028) 9083 3123.