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AI Services' Sexed Semen Catalogue 2021 published

Date Posted: 17th May 2021

AI Services have released their latest dairy Sexed Semen Catalogue for Summer 2021.

The catalogue features a wide range of top performing sires from the USA, France, Denmark and Germany.

Each of the 16 Holstein sires are positive for Fat and Protein percentage, with up to +81 combined Fat and Protein kgs.

A lot of emphasis is put on selecting bulls that will also delivery high Daughter Fertility, such as VH Praser at +11.9 and Mauney at +10.6.

As well as genomic bulls, there are daughter proven bulls including VH Brook, VH Praser and Alta Topshot.

A specially selected colored breed offering is also included, with Jersey, Viking Red, Montbelliarde, Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss bulls featured.