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Date Posted: 26th March 2020

Ai Services (NI) Ltd wish to inform you of steps being taken to help ensure a safe working environmentfor all our staff and farm customer families over the coming weeks whilst supporting the continuity of essential breeding services. Ai Services are continuing our Technician Service, Liquid Nitrogen delivery and DIY semen delivery.

We would ask for your support and co-operation towards implementing the following measures:

  • Book insemination calls before 10.30 am.  Remember we can only guarantee a same-day call if booked before this cut-off time. All calls need to be booked by phone, either with the Call Centre staff (8am to 1pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 10.30am at weekends) or via answerphone outside of these hours.  Please also leave mobile / phone contact details.  Reduced office Call Centre and Distribution opening hours and staffing are essential to protect staff working in close confines by ensuring social distancing.
  • When booking a call, or via an on-farm designated instruction area, please provide any specific instructions, such as the semen to be used etc.
  • Ensure the animal(s) for breeding can be easily accessed.  They should be separated from all other stock and secured, allowing the Technician to perform the insemination without delay or direct contact with any other person.
  • Have no contact with the AI Technician / Liquid Nitrogen delivery staff / semen delivery staff on farm.  Please keep at least 2 metres away from all visitors onto your farm, including Ai Services staff.  Maximise the use of mobile phone.
  • Provide a fresh footbath for bio-security

If you wish to speak to us about anything other than an insemination call and are unable to get through to the office, you may wish to contact your local Area Manager as follows:-

Co Londonderry / Co Antrim:      Gary Henderson   07989 346226

Co Down / Co Armagh:              David Dunlop       07976 605701

Co Fermanagh / Co Tyrone:       John Sproule        07778 169263

Remember!  We all need to protect each other – take the necessary social distancing and other precautions in line with Government and Public Health advice.

Please refer to our website for up to date information as it becomes available.  In the meantime, thank you for your continued loyalty and support and most importantly, may you and your loved ones stay safe.

Dr Sam Campbell

Chief Executive Officer