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Date Posted: 20th February 2020

Improve your red cattle with Viking Red – the most profitable red cow in the world

With VikingRed, you can enhance the efficiency of your herd and boost your profitability.  Choosing VikingRed sires makes your cows more resistant to diseases and improves their reproductive capability and milk productivity, all at the same time.  Our red cows are well known for their extraordinary health, easy calvings, excellent fertility, functional conformation and high production.  Choose VikingRed sires to optimise your herd for commercial dairy production.

This unique combination of VikingRed qualities guarantees your success.  Take a look at our VikingRed sire line up.

Our red sires wil help you drive genetic progress for all the traits that are important for the profitability of your dairy business.  You will achieve a high genetic level for health and reproduction traits, without compromising on production.  VikingRed is a naturally healthy breed, which is why it has greater in the Production index in NTM (the Nordic Total Merit Index).

VikingRed bulls rank highly in international top lists, and they are prominent in pedigrees of many top bulls around the world.  A high proportion of the semen from VikingRed sires is used in the ProCROSS concept, the only scientifically proven cross breeding programme in the world.

The breeding population of VikingRed is over 200,000 milk recorded red cows in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

VikingRed Production
VikingRed Production