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New Red and White Holstein Sire – Mauro

Date Posted: 20th February 2020

AI Services have introduced a new and exciting Dutch bred Red and White sire to their strong lineup of top bull.

Delta Mauro Red is a young genomic sire that ranks as one of the top bulls in Holland.  He is being used extensively in breeding programmes in Europe.

Delta Mauro will have official UK data in April 2020.  His Dutch information is extremely exciting with high milk production and tremendous weights of fat and protein.

Delta Mauro is expected to improve all type traits, especially Chest Strength, Legs and Feet and all udder traits.

He is also recommended for robotic milking systems, with longer teat length and ideal teat placement.

Conventional semen is available now, with sexed semen becoming available in late March 2020.

Please consult your local Breeding Advisor for further details.

Delta Mauro Red
Delta Mauro Red