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New Fertility Boost Mixture

Date Posted: 25th April 2019

AI Services have added another Fertility Boost mixture to their already strong lineup of mixes.  

At this time of year fertility can be a problem on many farms, with managing turnout, changable weather and other health issues.  Fertility Boost semen has been shown to significantly improve conception rates.

On this occasion, a Triple Mix Aberdeen Angus has been produced to give a superior fertility mix.

The three Aberdeen Angus sires in the new mixture are Thrunton Rocket, Woodvale Network and Rawburn Jumbo Eric.  All three now have calving surveys that have been completed or are in the process of being collected.

Other Fertility Boost mixtures include:-

  • Hereford x Aberdeen Angus X Aberdeen Angus
  • British Blue X Hereford X Aberdeen Angus
  • Triple Mix British Blue
  • and many more.

Contact your local breeding advisor or technician for further details on the range of Fertility Boost semen available.