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Peak Alta Explosion added to AI Services' Dairy Lineup

Date Posted: 1st February 2019

AI Services are pleased to introduce a new Holstein Sire, Peak Alta Explosion, to their range of Dairy Bulls.

Peak Alta Explosion is a solid production sire with exceptional components.

  • PLI £732
  • Milk Kg +509
  • Fat:  +39.0 Kgs, +0.23%
  • Protein:  +23.2 Kgs, +0.08%

Explosion has great management traits with fantastic Daughter Fertility.

  • Fertility +11.0
  • Lifespan +0.6
  • Somatic Cell Count -14

Type traits are also very good.  Explosion will breed average stature daughters with excellent body traits and impressive udder attachment.

  • Type Merit +2.02
  • Mammary +1.55
  • Legs and Feet +1.27

Explosion's pedigree is AltaRobson x Montross x Robust.

A leaflet on Explosion can be downloaded from the link below, and full details are available on Explosion's page on this website.

To order straws of Explosion, please speak to your local breeding advisor.

Peak Alta Explosion
Peak Alta Explosion