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AI Services' new Grazing Genetics Directory introduced

Date Posted: 15th March 2018

AI Services is pleased to introduce a new Grazing Genetics Dairy Directory. 

The new catalogue features sires especially selected for dairy producers who spring calve their cows to maximize grass production schemes.

A range of sires included in the catalogue are sourced from Eurogene AI Services, the sister company of AI Services (NI) in the Republic of Ireland.  Sires are ranked on EBI which places a high emphasis on milk solids, daughter fertility and overall health traits.

Holstein sires that will also suit spring calving schemes are also included in the catalogue.  Prehen Omen transmits high milk solids and excellent daughter fertility, and Prehen Lancaster is one of the highest daughter fertility sires available.

Several red and white breeds are also included, with Ayrshire, Montbelliarde, Fleckvieh Danish Red and Normandy sires featured.

The Directory can be downloaded from this page.