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Pesticide Application Training Courses

Are you aware that you are no longer legally permitted to purchase or apply chemical pesticides without having an Approved Certificate of Competence?

The spraying regulations for grassland and crops changed on the 26th November 2015 and all users of pesticides must now be deemed to be professional users and appropriately certified.

The previously existing “Grandfather Rights” exemption no longer exists and anyone who was born before 31/12/1964 must also hold a certificate of competence if they wish to purchase pesticides and herbicides.

Anyone who currently uses a tractor sprayer, quad sprayer, weed wiper or knapsack must hold the appropriate certification, which can be gained from attending the appropriate courses delivered by Ai Services.

Ai Services (NI) as part of their training package offer full training in PA1, PA2, PA6 and Grandfather Rights Pesticide Application Training to farmers, contractors and growers at approved centres across the country.

To ensure you meet Cross Compliance/FQAS standards and protect your Basic Payment you will need to demonstrate that you are fully trained.

PA1, PA2, PA6 & GFR Pesticide Training

  • Fully Accredited Trainers and Assessors
  • Offered to Individuals and Groups
  • No waiting list – Get approved for the incoming season
  • Offered at three approved training Centres
  • Competitive rates

To book your training place or for further enquiries contact the office on (028) 9083 3123 or email