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New Holstein Bull - Westcoast Penman Aria

Date Posted: 12th April 2018

AI Services are pleased to introduce Aria - a new Holstein sire from Viking Genetics with strong components and excellent health traits.

In the April 2018 Proof Run, Aria has a PLI of £719 with +331 kgs Milk, +32.8 kgs Fat and +23.6 kgs Protein.  His component percentages are exceptional with +0.24% Fat and +0.16% Protein.

Management traits are very strong, with a massive +12.5 Fertility score and +0.6 Lifespan.

Aria also shows a well balanced linear with an excellent score for Teat Length.

Aria's pedigree is Penmanship x Seagull-Bay MVP x Epic x Ramos.

A leaflet on Aria can be downloaded from the link below.  Your local breeding specialist will be pleased to advise you about using Aria and AI Services' full range of Holstein sires in your herd.

Gold-N-Oaks MVP, dam of Aria
Gold-N-Oaks MVP, dam of Aria
Gold-N-Oaks Arabell, 3dam of Aria
Gold-N-Oaks Arabell, 3dam of Aria